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A Global Warming Arctic-Recent changes mean more open water during the winter season. Before I dedicated myself full-time to the issue of global warming, I tried to understand the root of the problem. It became clear to me that people are socially...
Composting is the microbial process whereby organic yard wastes are converted into to a highly desirable, organic, soil-like material. Gardeners have used compost for centuries to increase soil organic matter, improve soil physical properties, and...
We all want to do the best for our children, especially when it comes to protecting their health and the environment in which they live. As a new parent, it is often hard to know what is best and how to do it.

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Recent Blog Posts

New Green-Themed Books

October 20, 2014

It seems that fall is definitely upon us, and there is nothing I love to do more on a cold, rainy autumn day than curl up with a good book.  If that sounds good to you, let me recommend a few books with environmental themes that have been published recently.


War of the Whales:  A True Story, by Joshua Horwitz

This is an edge-of-your-seat nonfiction legal thriller that had me hooked after just the first few pages.  It details the decades-long legal battle between environmentalists and the US Navy over underwater weapons and detection systems that result in massive whale die-offs.  It’s well written and carefully researched, and it does an excellent job of telling both sides of the story.  The book culminates in a Supreme Court ruling, but it is clear that this is one story that remains ongoing.


Memory of Water, by Emmi Itaranta

Nashville warbler

Bird Strikes: Why do birds hit windows and what can we do?

October 6, 2014

Fall in Minnesota brings crisp air, beautifully changing foliage, bright pumpkins, and fresh apples.  Unfortunately, fall also brings a noticeable increase in the number of birds colliding with windows.  I’ve seen birds strike my office windows and encountered numerous dead birds near buildings on my walks to and from the office each day.  As a volunteer at the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Minnesota, in Roseville, I’ve also cared for many bird that have collided with windows over the years. 

Narraguagus River Habitat for Atlantic Salmon

Polyethylene Microbeads

September 22, 2014

Just last week, a number of news outlets carried stories about toothpastes that contain tiny pieces of plastic, called polyethylene microbeads.  These microbeads are found in a wide variety of toothpastes, including some of the very popular brand Crest.  Dentists and dental hygienists began seeing more and more patients with tiny bits of plastic embedded in their gums, since the beads don’t break down or degrade in any way.  Happily, some brands, including Crest, have pledged to phase out the polyethylene beads.


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