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How do I tell you about the power of writing in community? Of being vulnerable and honest with other humans using the most basic tools: paper and pen. Of being part of a group where we allow each other to see our guts – the pretty and the hard stuff...
What is CERTs? No, it's not a breath mint! It is a resource for communities across Minnesota who would like to plan and implement local energy projects. CERTs (Clean Energy Resource Teams) was launched in 2003 with the mission of connecting people...
In recent years, you may have seen news items about fuel cells and the coming "hydrogen economy" and wondered what exactly is a fuel cell? A fuel cell is a form of a reactor where we can create electricity through an electrochemical reaction of...

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common loon

Guide to Minnesota's Government Bodies

May 19, 2015

Most Minnesotans take pride in our natural resources and care about the environment.  This is reflected in our state government, which has numerous departments and committees that play a role in protecting Minnesota’s environment.  Below, you’ll find a brief overview of some of major state government groups that deal with environmental issues.  For complete details about any group on the list, visit their websites.

books on a shelf

Green Nonfiction Books

May 4, 2015

Warm weather is finally upon us, and there’s nothing more relaxing then settling into a hammock or a lawn chair outside with a good book.  Here are some of my favorite nonfiction books about the environment or the natural world.  Catch them out from your local library and get reading!

The Story of Stuff, by Annie Leonard- You might have seen Annie Leonard’s acclaimed documentary by the same name, but you might not know that she also wrote a book, in which she expands on the environmental effects of our consumer-driven lifestyles. This book very literally takes you through the story of stuff, beginning with resource extraction and moving on to production, distribution, consumption, and disposal of all the products we take for granted in our day-to-day lives.  It’s definitely on my list of must-reads.

picture of earth

Make an Earth Day Resolution

April 20, 2015

This week on Earth Day, April 22nd, the city of Minneapolis will activate its ban on using Styrofoam containers, a rule that will hopefully have a significant impact on the waste generated by restaurants and food vendors.  Across the country, people celebrate Earth Day by picking up trash, planting trees and flowers, or stenciling storm drains.  All of these activities are beneficial, but they’re a once-a-year effort. 

What if we celebrated Earth Day in a manner more similar to what Minneapolis is doing this year?  Imagine the effect we could have if instead of using Earth Day as the one day of the year that people focused on doing something for our planet, we used it as a day to make a permanent change.  If we made Earth Day resolutions like we make New Year’s resolutions, we would be honoring Earth Day, making a permanent change to improve the environment, and assuring that we would increase the sustainability of our lifestyles year after year.


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