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Making clothing, like any other product, has an impact on the environment. In order to reduce the negative impact, buy reused clothing from thrift stores or good quality, long-lasting new products that are made from recycled content or...
In some instances, police can search a person's car, home or self simply for living in or passing through the targeted neighborhood. Consequently, civilians may suffer disrespect, humiliation, arrests without charges and sometimes injuries or death.
Traditional and alternative health practitioners alike have growing concerns about improper self-medication practices, and have cited a number of areas of concern. These include people discontinuing prescription drugs in favor of herbals without...

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photos of items made from sweaters

Don’t trash your old worn-out sweaters, make great stuff instead!

March 23, 2015

I don’t often buy new or rid myself of even well-used possessions, but I especially seem to hate saying good-bye to cozy old sweaters. Maybe it’s because they’ve kept me warm through so many fall camping trips and Minnesota winters. Good memories abound! But what do you do with worn out or damaged sweaters?

One day, I read that over 4 million tons of textiles go to landfills yearly. I pulled out several old sweaters with holes, rips, and stains and decided to see how I could repurpose them. I used mostly wool (which I like to boil to make a tight thick fabric), but you can use any other fabric that works for your purpose.

photo of plastic bottle

Can I recycle that?

March 9, 2015

Sometimes figuring out what can or can’t go in the recycling bin can be quite frustrating. It seems to change with enough regularity that keeping up with the “ins” and “outs” can take some time. But why is it that something we couldn’t put in the blue bin last year is now acceptable?

recycling symbol

Beyond Curbside Recycling

February 23, 2015

When most of us think of recycling, we picture our home curbside recycling.  This type of recycling is relatively easy.  We’re given a list of items our recycling company accepts, we place them in a bin outside on the appropriate day, and our task is done!  Curbside recycling has the benefit of being convenient, but unfortunately, there are a great many things that we cannot simply put out at the curb. 


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